Wet and Dry Digital Kitchen Spoon with LCD Display- Battery Operated

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Product Description:

This Electronic Kitchen Spoon uses high precision sensor system with overload indication. It has a maximum weight measured up to 500g and can display accurately in 0.00 oz increments. Using this scale will guarantee you get the right amount of ingredients for your baking and cooking recipes. 

This digital spoon scale is made of high-quality stainless steel and ABS material, strong and durable, environmentally friendly and safe, and not easily deformed. It is a healthy lifestyle selection for you and your family. 

Having a scale spoon for your kitchen is one of the most practical tools for foodies, dieters, and home cooks. The scale automatically shuts off after a minute of not in use, which helps in conserving energy.

This scale works by using 2 * AAA Batteries (not included). It performs 3 functions: Tare- to reset the weight, Mode- to choose the weighing option, Hold- to keep the weight for your reference for quite some time. It also has a large display screen so the weight is easy to read.


Product Specification: 

Color: Black 

Material: Stainless, ABS 

Size: 230 x 50 x 23mm

Weight: 66g

Functions: Digital Measuring Spoon

Battery Information: 2 * AAA Batteries

ambient temperature: 0 ° C - 40 ° C (32 ° F - 104 ° F)

Weight Unit: g, oz, gn, ct

Auto-off time: one minute

Low voltage display: LO_

Overload display: O_Ld

Maximum Weight: 500g

Maximum Precision Scale: 0.1g


Package Inclusion:

1 * Digital Measuring Spoon