Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Furniture Protective Cover in 5 Sizes

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Product Description:

Keep your outdoor furniture protected when not in use with these furniture covers. Constructed from a durable and waterproof polyester fabric, they'll protect your furniture from dirt, dust, rain, snow, and even bird droppings. There are five sizes available to suit your needs.

This Outdoor Furniture Cover is made out of polyester fabric that is guaranteed waterproof and easy to be cleaned. This cover is low-maintenance and is made to protect your outdoor furniture against sunlight, dust, bird poop, and even damage that can be brought by extreme weather conditions.

This cover is available in 5 sizes you can choose from to suit all your furniture cover needs. You can wash the fabric when it gets dirty, and can easily be replaced when it gets worn out or damaged.


Product Specification:

Color: Black

Material: Polyester Fabric

Size Options: 120cm x 120cm x 74cm

 126cm x 126cm x 74cm

  213cm x 132cm x 74cm

  270cm x 180cm x 89cm

  250cm x 250cm x 90cm

Weight: 450g, 470g, 650g, 1100g, 1160g

Functions: Outdoor Furniture Cover

 Notification: The maximum water pressure that can withstand is 1200CC, and it will leak if it exceeds it.

Package Inclusion:

1 * Outdoor Furniture Cover