Waterproof Outdoor Solar LED Strip Mini String Lights 20M

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Product Descriptions:

Upgraded Solar Panel: This LED Light is powered wholly by solar energy. It can work for up to 8 hours after it is fully charged. It lights up automatically at night and gathers power in the daytime.

Water Resistant: Both the string lights and the solar panel are IP68 Waterproof making it safe to use even in the rain. But please do note that it is ONLY designed to be protected from rain. Please do NOT submerge it in the water.

Durable:  This mini string light is made with thin and flexible copper wire, coiled with a bobbin winder to secure it properly. In addition, the solar-powered string lights use low voltage, (no transformer included) it is portable, and are very easy to store to be taken out for the next use. Also, it is environmental- friendly, with a high energy conversion rate, durable, and safe to use.

Flexible, Easy to Shape: The Flexible Copper wiring that is used in this product can be formed into the shapes you want; you can wrap it around tree trunks or gazebos; when you place them in the dark, the wire fades giving the illusion that it is invisible, leaving only the bright lights.

Use it anywhere: Use these lights to beautify your place. This product is perfect for restaurants, cafes, patios, decks, family rooms, and anywhere you like. Using this will add a warm and cozy feeling to your space.


1. Please tear off the protective film from the solar panel before using it.

2. These lights are not fully charged upon arrival. Please put them under the sun for 2-3 days to get fully charged before first use.

3. When you want to charge the battery, please make sure it's on. Then it will be charged automatically.

4. The battery is non-replaceable. Do not attempt to replace it. The light bulb is constructed to be non-replaceable. Do not attempt to replace any bulbs.

Product Specifications:

Power Supply: Solar

LED Color: Blue / Warm White / RGB

Material: copper wire

Voltage: 6V

Light String Length: 20m

Weight: 10m: 300g / unit


Package Inclusion:

1 x String Lights 

1 x Solar panel and stand