Warm Up Zip Up Padded Dog Jacket with Dual Ring Leash

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Product Description:

This padded dog jacket keeps your dog warm and dry. It protects them from snow and is lightweight so it doesn’t get soggy from snow or rain. Apart from being well-insulated and cute, you can also attach a leash to it without the need for a harness.

It comes with pain-free zipper guards to keep your pet's hair from getting caught in the zipper. The protective guard on the dog jacket prevents dog fur and skin from getting accidentally zipped. The jacket zipper is located in the back which makes it easier for you to put on and zip - struggle-free!

Unlike most dog coats and sweater vests, this one is actually cut so your dog doesn’t dirty the dog vest when Mother Nature comes calling – so you won’t have any potty issues. You can safely machine wash and tumble dry the dog vest with ease.

It has a 2 d ring design, allowing you to securely attach a leash without needing another harness or collar, and has a fleece vest lining, this padded cold weather vest keeps your small dog warm and dry when out on a walk in the winter.

Product Specification: 

Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Red

Material: Fleece, Nylon

Neck circumference: S: 28cm, M: 32cm, L: 36cm, XL: 38cm, 2XL: 42cm, 3XL: 44cm, 4XL: 46cm, 5XL: 50cm, 6XL: 64cm, 7XL: 72cm

Back length: S: 26cm, M: 29cm, L: 35cm, XL: 39cm, 2XL: 45cm, 3XL: 48cm, 4XL: 52cm, 5XL: 58cm, 6XL: 64cm, 7XL: 73cm

Chest circumference: S: 32cm, M: 38cm, L: 42cm, XL: 45cm, 2XL: 51cm, 3XL: 54cm, 4XL: 60cm, 5XL: 66cm, 6XL: 84cm, 7XL: 90cmWeight: 140-350g

Function: Dog Jacket


Package Inclusion:

1 x Padded Dog Jacket