USB Wire Cable Organiser Silicone

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Product Description:

Keep your home, office, and working table tidy by using these Silicone Cable Organizers.

This product will keep your cables, wires, and cords organized. Just peel the sticker off and stick it on the surface to hide and keep your messy wires in place.

Manage cords and cables behind the entertainment center.

This Cable Winder helps to easily locate, move or remove the cables that you need for your work.

Organize your cables and cords while maintaining easy access.

Using these cable clips at your workspace not only helps organize your cables and cords but also extends the life and maximize the performance of your cables by preventing the cables from suffering from excessive pulling and tangles.

Tips: To maximize this product’s effectiveness, please do make sure that the surface where you plan on pasting them is smooth and dry.

Product Specifications:

Material: Silicone

Size: 118mm * 22mm

Color: Black

Variation: 5 clips; 7 clips


Package Inclusion:

1 * Cable Organizer