USB Powered Remote Controlled LED Light Curtain with Hook- White, Warm White, and Colorful

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Product Description:

Create a unique atmosphere at your home with this beautiful light curtain! Mood lighting ensures that you can transform your room into a cozy atmosphere in an instant. This is also suitable as Christmas lighting and it immediately creates a cozy and warm feeling in the house.

3 Lights to Choose from- We have 3 light variation you can choose from depending on the mood and ambiance that you want to achieve.

White Light- White Lights are good for illuminating your space. Perfect for a modern and clean look.

Warm White- Warm colors are cozier and can create a warm and romantic atmosphere. They are mostly used for room decoration and living room decoration.

Colorful- The color and the rainbow colors symbolize vitality, suitable for children's decoration and lively occasions.

Remote Control- No need to press the button every time you want to change modes. You can use the remote control to adjust the light modes, adjust the brightness of the string lights, or set the timing function.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor- This string of lights can decorate not only the interior, but also the exterior; just use your imagination, and decorate your own style!

Safe to use does not get hot- This is a safe and solid Christmas lighting. By using innovative LEDs, the lights do not get hot and therefore curious children cannot burn their hands. The voltage of the cables is also only 5 volts by using the USB.

Easy to hang- The light curtain is equipped with a hanging hook with which you can easily use to hang the light strands for easy hanging and safekeeping of the lights.


Product Specification:

Material: LED

Color Emitted: White, Warm White, Colorful

Size: 3m * 2.5m

Weight: 70g

Power: 5v, USB interface


Package Inclusion:

1 * Curtain Light

1 * Remote Control