USB Plugged-in Wooden Dag Paw Print LED Night Decorative Lamp

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Product Description:

This Paw LED night lamp has a very soft brightness. It does not dazzle and not too bright, thereby protecting your eyes. The LED is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and durable. The warm white light creates a romantic and cozy atmosphere for your room.

The Night Lamp has an elegant and interesting design. It has a 3D pawprint design where the lighting elements are embedded in the hollow frame, so the night lights glow warm, enabling you to sleep soundly at night.

The night light is made of high-quality pinewood materials. It has a lightweight and sturdy design, with no pungent odor, no sharp edges, perfectly safe for your kids to hold and use even when you are not around.

The night light is equipped with a USB cable that is compatible with any USB power port. So just plug in the USB when you want to use the foot lamp anywhere and it is safe and energy-efficient to use.


Product Specification:

Color: Wood

Material: Pine Wood

Size: 190x190x30mm

Weight: 550g

Functions: Night Light

Product color: warm white light

Switch mode: push button

Product specification: 5V 1A 2.5W

Power method: USB cable (included)


Package Inclusion:

1 * Night Light

1 * Charging Cable

1 * User Manual