USB Interface LED Growing Plant Light Bar for Desktop Plant and Flowers

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Product Description:

Grow plants indoors and give them enough light so they could grow healthy and properly with this LED Plant Light Bar. This Light Bar is specially designed to induce photosynthesis that is needed for plant growth.

This light is made out of high-quality LED lights, that are efficient in energy saving and are totally environmentally friendly. It is equipped with a USB interface, that can be connected to a power source such as your laptops, power bank, wall adapters, and others.

This light is the next best thing to sunlight. Our indoor plant growing lights are perfect during the long winter months when your growing room does not get enough natural lighting. It is also viable for starting vegetable seeds indoors, before bringing them outside to your garden.


Product Specification:

Light Color: Red and Blue

Material: LED, ABS

Size: Small- 124 * 15 * 8 mm, Large- 210 * 15 * 8 mm

LED Light: Small- 14led (10led red light, 4led blue light)

                   Large- 27led( 18led red light, 9led blue light

Weight: 20g

Functions: Plant Light

Power Interface: USB

Power: S- 2.5W, L- 4.5W

Voltage: 5V/USB port


Package Inclusion:

1 * Plant Light