Super Bike Horn

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• Imagine if you could have the simple control of a car/motorbike horn on your bike...
• If only there was a way to honk at inconsiderate drivers who bully-and-run in rush hours!
• The unique car-power Bike Horn 4.0 is not only the loudest bicycle horn but is your safest riding bet! It packs 90 dB Car Window-penetrating of familiar horn-sound to people in the car and jaywalkers!
• Raining? No problem! We’ve made this weather-resistant for you!
• Taking feedback from cyclists for our previous Bicycle HORN, we decided to work hard at incorporating the perfect design, with a new minimalist style, and reduce the weight by more than half while maintaining the LOUD car-horn sound!
• The new Bike Horn is not only loud, but its lightweight high-impact engineering thermo ABS polycarbonate will never compromise on your efficiency and the 280 mAh battery will keep you charged for the road!
• You can rely on its improvement to get you in time through all the rush hours.

• Weight : 33 g
• Size : 3.5 cm * 3 cm
• Material :Silica gel
• decibel (db) : 110 db
• Voice : 3 voice to choose
• Color : Black / green/ red/blue