Sleep Training Digital Kid’s Dinosaur USB Rechargeable Alarm Clock

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Product Description:

Sleep Training Clock: The cute dinosaur design alarm clock uses environmentally friendly and safe silicone material, which feels soft and comfortable. The alarm clock with soft and colorful lights is an essential option to train children to develop good sleep habits.

Talking alarm clock: The dinosaur alarm clock has a report time function. Select B00 to turn off the report time function, select B01 will report the time all day, and select B02 will report the time during the day (6 to 8 pm).

Sensor Smart Watch: Before going to bed, you can set a 30 minute / 60-minute sleep mode. When you want the screen to turn on, you can wake up the screen by making a sound louder than 56 dB (clapping your hands) or by touching the watch. When the watch detects sound, the screen will automatically light up and turn off after 15 seconds.

Multifunctional Design: The cute dinosaur alarm clock not only has soft colored lights but also has a snooze function that can be activated by pressing the top button when alarms sound. At the same time, it also has a thermometer and date display function. The dinosaur alarm clock uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.


Product Specification:

Color: Blue, Pink, Green

Material: ABS, PC, Silicon

Size: 8.8*11.7*11.5cm

Weight: 230g

Functions: Alarm Clock

Usage Time: 10-15 days (depends on usage)

Charging Time: 6 hours

Battery Information: 1000mAh

Rated Voltage: DC5V

Rated Power: 1.25W


Package Inclusion:

1 * Dinosaur Alarm Clock

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual