RGB LED Non-Slip Luminous Mouse Pad for Gaming PC Keyboard Cover Base Computer Mat

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Product Description:

This RGB soft mouse pad has a true RGB backlit effect; there are 8 different lighting modes you can choose from to create gaming effect and stimulate your focus while playing and you can turn off the light if you want to.

The Luminous Mouse Pad is available in various sizes, from small up to large that will surely fit your keyboard and desk space for a more comfortable PC Gaming experience and more room for office work.

The Non-Slip Computer Mat is designed with superfine fiber braided material with a micro-textured, smooth surface for precise navigation. It is made with glow fiber and a soft cloth surface with a Non-Slip rubber base that ensures precise, accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk.

This backlit gaming mouse pad does not need additional installers and drivers to work. Powered by a USB connection, you only need to plug it into your computer and it will immediately play. It also has a one-touch control designed to switch the light colors and turn off, very convenient to use.


Product Specification:

Material: Rubber, Cloth

Color: Black

LED Colors: Green, Red, Blue, White, Purple, Cyan, Light Green

Light Effects: 8

Size: Small (300*250*4MM), Medium (800*300*4MM), Large (900*400*4MM)


Package Inclusion:

1 * Mouse Pad

1 * Cable