Rechargeable Flosser Oral Irrigator Portable Dental Water Jet

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Product Features:


-This Oral Irrigator sprays strong, pulsating water enough to flush out food particles where the toothbrush cannot reach. It also washes away loosened plaque from the spaces between teeth and gently massages the gums.


-This product has (3) different modes: Choose mode first before pressing the power button to operate.


·         Normal- Powerful, fit for daily cleaning.


·         Soft- Gentle clean, fit for sensitive gums, suitable for new users.


·         Pulse- Massage mode, cross-action between powerful and gentle mode, fit for deep cleaning.


-Designed for your convenience, the water tank is removable so that you can put water with ease and it is equipped with humanized design, fits your hand perfectly with good hand feeling and excellent anti-slip design.



Product Type: Electric Oral Irrigator


Material: Plastic


Power Source: Rechargeable Battery


Capacity: 160 ml


Water Pressure: 72.5- 123 psi


Jet Distance: Up to 5m


Color Options: Blue, Pink, Black

Product Inclusions:


1 x Oral Irrigator


1 x Nozzle


1 x Charging Cable


1 x Adaptor