New DS 878 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone with Built-in HIFI Speaker For iPhone and Android

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Product Description:

Sing your heart out with this Wireless Bluetooth Microphone! You can connect it to your phone and your party or gatherings will instantly be lively with this make-shift karaoke machine. You can adjust the echo to imitate the effects of the real karaoke place or you may use this product as a speaker instead.

You can insert your micro SD card to listen to music without the need to connect your device.

This product has a battery capacity of 1200mAh. A full cycle of its battery should be charged for no longer than 3H and its usage time should last for approximately 8H.

Product Specifications:

Connection method: Bluetooth / U disk / AUX / TF card

Style: hand microphone

Transducer: Condenser microphone

Usage: Karaoke Microphone Setting

Type: Single Microphone

Wireless Packaging: Yes

Charging voltage: DC5V 0.8A

Speaker: 2.5 inches 45 magnetic speakers

Colors: Gold, Blue, Black, Rose Gold

Package Inclusion:

1 x Microphone

1 x Micro USB Cable