Mini USB Operated Portable Humidifier and Aroma Diffuser for Car and Home Use

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Product Description:

Portable Mini Humidifier: This humidifier has an ultra-compact mini design, and it is very easy to carry. It can effectively moisturize dry skin and moisturize the air for up to 8 hours, leaving your room feeling and smelling fresh, making you sleep more and at ease. Reduce the noise to 25 decibels and enjoy a disturbance-free sleep at night.

Two Spray Gears: You can choose between the two gears on how frequent and how long you want the humidifier to work. Press the button once to activate the first gear which is the continuous spray mode, where it sprays mist continuously for about 4 hours. Press the button twice to activate the second gear which is the Intermittent spray mode, where it sprays mist every 3 seconds, for about 8 hours, both of which have a spraying capacity of 40ml/hour. The humidifier has a large water capacity of 260 ml can produce mists longer.

Safe automatic shutdown: There is a built-in water level sensor inside, when the water level is lower than the safe water level, the power is automatically turned off. It is equipped with strong seals that eliminate the probability of spilling.

LED Night Light: This mini portable humidifier has an LED night light function. You can adjust its light and brightness according to your liking. The warm light it produces will help you relax your body and have a good night’s sleep.


Product Specification:

Color: Black, White

Material: ABS, PP, Silica

Size: 80 * 80 * 123.5mm

Weight:  154g

Functions: Humidifier Scent Diffuser

Usage Time: 4 hours in the first gear, 8 hours in the second gear

Charging Time:

Water Bottle Capacity: 260 ml

Battery Information: 800mAh, 2.5W  

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Input Voltage: DC5V   

Spraying Capacity: 40ml/hour


Package Inclusion:

1 * Diffuser

1 * Charging Cable

1 * User Manual