Mini Cordless Desktop Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Detachable Design - USB Rechargeable

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Product Description:

The mini desktop vacuum cleaner is equipped with a universal USB charging cable. It only needs to be charged for 2-3 hours, and it can be used continuously for 4-6 hours. The desktop vacuum cleaner can be charged by mobile power, laptop, car charger, mobile adapter, etc. It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, small in size, easy to pack and carry, and it is very used in cars, offices, computers, schools, and homes.

It has a detachable vacuum nozzle. The desktop vacuum cleaner has a strong suction nozzle. It rotates up to 360 degrees in the wind direction. It is dust-free and prevents dander from floating. It can easily clean up computers and keyboards. Dust from, desktop, etc., is the first choice for Mini Vacuum

Portable handheld size, 3.46 x 3.46 x 3.54 (in). The mini cleaner is small in size and easy to carry. It is very suitable for quick cleaning of small debris in life and can be taken to any place you want to clean. Unlike other desktop vacuum cleaners, with non-woven sealing, when you start cleaning, dust will not fly out from the air outlet, the unique design of the product makes cleaning more convenient.

360° rotatable, when the computer vacuum cleaner does not work within 15 minutes, the automatic shutdown function will be activated, and the mini vacuum cleaner will automatically shut down. The large-capacity lithium-ion only needs to be charged for 2-3 hours and can be used for a long time. It is very simple to clean and use, just press the switch, then hold and move it with your hand. Just unscrew the bottom of the desktop vacuum cleaner and clean them with a cleaning brush.

Although small in size, it has strong suction power. Can suck away a lot of accumulation. The vibration is small and will not affect work, study, or sleep. With a USB computer vacuum cleaner, it can help you remove dust, messy paper scraps, soot, pet hair or powder, etc. on the desktop. It is powerful

Product Specification:

  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 240g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 88 x 88 x 90mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Power Supply: USB Rechargeable
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Working Time: 4-6Hours
  • Function: Mini Desk Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Package Inclusions: 

  • 1x Mini Vacuum
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Extended Suction Fitting
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Manual