Magic Air Ion Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Mister- USB Charging

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Product Description:

This Ultrasonic Moisturizing Mister works with the use of ultrasonic vibration. It is equipped with a continuous mode that is suitable for long-term operations, keeping your air moist and smelling great all night.

The Humidifier has two types of spray settings: 8H (Intermittent Spray Mode) and 4H (Continuous Spray Mode). It is equipped with a timer and an automatic shut-off safety feature that turns off the humidifier after 4 hours/8hours or when it runs out of water preventing the unit from incurring damage and keeping you safe and protected.

The humidifier has an innovative rack for 360° rotation, enabling it to spray upwards and downwards, and at any angle as you like. This small and portable humidifier is much easy to carry, can be rotated casually in any angle of humidifying, and is perfect for gift-giving and other occasions.

The humidifier is equipped with colorful lights that make a magic shadow projection, you could choose the lighting projection in a broad or small area. You can let it jump or stay in place.

This cool-mist humidifier is quiet and does not emit loud noises. Its soft night light will surely give you a perfect sleep. To change the lighting mode, press the button once to let the colors jump, press the button twice to get the color lights solid and stay in place.


Product Specification:

Size: 70 * 66 * 213 mm

Working Voltage: DC5V

Power Usage: 3.5W

Working Current: 200mA-450mA

Capacity: 200ML

Spray: 40ml/H

Spraying Time: 5-8 hours

Material: ABS, PP, PE, Silicone, Electronics


Package Inclusion:

1 * USB humidifier

1 * USB Charging 

1 * User manual