High Pressure Expandable Retractable Garden and Car Hose

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Product Description

Expanding, Retracting- This hose is designed with automatic expansion and retraction; it expands thrice its size after contact with water and retracts back to its original size after you close the water supply.

Wide Application- This product can be used in many ways, not only you can wash your car, but you can also water your garden and treat your pets to a bath. It is also perfect for cleaning various things such as doors and windows. You can use it with a water-foaming brush to facilitate cleaning and save time and energy.

7 Spray Modes- This product’s nozzle head has a total of 7 spray modes such as full, mode, cone, center, flat, shower, jet, and mist. That you can choose from depending on its use. It is also equipped with a triangular metal ring at the sprinkler head which can effectively support the switch so that it can automatically spray water for a long time and save effort.


  • 25FT:
    • Weight: 311 grams each, slightly tossed.
    • Length: 2.5M long, 7.5M after extension, 25FT
  • 50FT:
    • Weight: 437 grams each, slightly tossed.
    • Length: 5M long, 15M after extension, 50FT

Package Inclusions:

  • 1x hose
  • 1x spray head