12V and 24V Digital Car Battery Tester Automotive Cranking Charging Test Analyzer

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Product Description:

Select the test program according to the battery type/standard/CCA, and the battery tester will start working and quickly show you the battery CCA value, health (%), state of charge (%), voltage (V), internal resistance (Ω), and so on.

By analyzing the test data, you can check the condition of the battery and judge whether it is in good condition or needs to be replaced to avoid accidents caused by battery failure.

Its small, compact design makes it easy to carry and store.   

The FBT200 battery analyzer can detect all automotive 12v and 24V lead acid batteries, such as regular flooded batteries, AGM flat plate batteries, AGM spiral batteries, and GEL batteries for cars, SUVs, light trucks, motorcycles, and more.

It gives you accurate test results in just 3 seconds based on SAE, DIN, IEC, EN, CA, and JIS standards. You cannot test lithium batteries.

Product Specification:

  • Test range: 3AH - 200Ah
  • Test result: SOH, SOC, CCA Value, IR,  etc.
  • Test standards: SAE, DIN, IEC, EN, CA, JIS
  • Voltage measure range: 8-30VDC Housing
  • material: ABS plastic
  • Display: 2.7" LCD 
  • Cable reach: 650mm (25.6 inches) 
  • Storage Temperature: -20'C to +70'C (-4'F to 158'F) 
  • Working Temperature: -20'C to +60'C (-4'F to 140'F) 
  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 150 x 90 x 35mm (5.9 x 3.54 x 1.38 inch)   

Package Inclusions:

  • 1x Tester
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Black Bag
  • 1x Colour Box