Adjustable and Universal Neck Hanging Bracket Mobile Phone Lazy Holder

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Product Description:

This Hanging Neck Bracket is suitable for 4.7-to-10-inch phones or tablets. You can fasten it around your neck or wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, or you can put it on the floor or your bed. It is a very practical tool for multitasking.

This Lazy Phone Holder is equipped with a 360-degree rotating bracket, enabling you to adjust it to any comfortable angle you like so you can watch, play, and use your phone with ease.

This Neck Bracket is our future. In our fast-paced society, multi-tasking is needed to maximize our time. Using this bracket will totally liberate your hands so you can do other things. This item is convenient for watching videos, playing games, watching movies, etc.

This Neck Bracket is made out of bendable alloy material, it can be changed to any shape you like and is easy to carry. We also used one of the most breathable foam materials to make your neck feel comfortable. This bracket can stand stably, is totally non-slip, guaranteed shockproof, and extremely durable. 


Product Specification:

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy, Foam
  • Product size: tube length 0.75m
  • Weight: 450g

Package Inclusion:

  • 1x Neck Bracket Phone Holder