Electric Vacuum Deep Nose and Facial Skin Pore Cleaner with 6 Different Nozzle

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Product Description:

This Blackhead Remover is designed ergonomically, is easy to use, and operates. It comes with 3 suction levels for different skin types to prevent tagging and damaging your skin. Choose the level according to your skin type and the severity of your blackheads.

This Electric Pore Deep Cleaner has 3 suction modes:

  • Oily Skin Mode (Normal Suction)
  • Default Mode (Mid Suction)
  • Dry Skin Mode (Strong Suction)

You can choose from depending on the type of skin you are going to work with and it has a button for adjusting the intensity of the machine.

This Facial Deep Cleaner has 6 interchangeable nozzles to target different areas and problems in your face. But please do take note not to use the remover in the same spot for more than 3 seconds, do upwards and downward motions to avoid skin discoloration and damage.

Oval Hole Head- used for the corner of the eyes and mouth.

Microcrystalline Head- for dead skin exfoliation and it offers micro-lift skin massage to brighten and make your skin tender.

Elliptical Hole Head-  Suitable for the corner area of your mouth.

Big Hole Head- This Head removes blackheads, cosmetic residue, and grease. It has stronger suction, suitable for some stubborn blackheads on your nose.

Small Hole Head- This head removes blackheads, has a weaker suction, perfect for sensitive skin types.

Mini Round Head- This head removes blackheads, has a weaker suction, perfect for sensitive and thin skin types.

This blackhead remover is made from durable ABS material, which adopts high-tech vacuum suction technology, and quickly removes blackheads, acne, grease, etc.


Product Specification: 

  • Type: Blackhead Remover
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: White
  • Power Source: USB Rechargeable
  • Size: 180mm x 4.5 mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh
  • Charging Time: 90 minutes 

Package Inclusions:

  • 1x Black Head Remover Machine
  • 6x Nozzles
  • 1x USB Cable