5v USB Interface RGB LED Light Strip Room Light with 3 Key Controller

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Product Description:

Illuminate your space and light up the fun with this LED Light Strip. These Light Strips creates a fun and lively ambiance with its never seen before color effects.

This light strip has an adhesive attached to its back. Just peel it off and attach it to a nice and clean surface to prolong its adhesive effect. This light is perfect for illuminating your cupboards, walls, kitchen cabinets, walk-in closet, and the likes.

This Room Light can be powered through a USB Port and connect it to any power source that provides 5V output.

This light strip has an environmental protection function. It doesn’t emit radiation, it doesn’t flicker, it is energy efficient, low power consumption with heat dissipation technology, and most of all, it doesn’t hurt and damage your eyes.


Product Specification:

Light Emitted: Red, Green, Blue

Size: 1M, 5M


No. of LED Lights: 60/meter

Voltage: 5v

Power Source: USB



Package Inclusion:

1 * Light Strip