200ml Capacity Flame Simulation Air Humidifier- USB Powered

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Product Description:

The Flame Humidifier Air Purifiers can be a cool mist humidifier to add moisture to your air, eliminate dryness, and help with dry chapped skin, lips, and sinuses, giving you a fresh, comfortable environment. It can also be used as a soothing night light as well.

The sound that this humidifier emits reaches only up to 35 decibels which is practically quiet and keeps your room humidified. It will not interfere with your study, work, or sleep. Also, the design of the flame lamp can help you relax as well.

When the water volume of the humidifier is insufficient, it will automatically turn off. No need to worry about the device burning out while you are sleeping because its automatic shutdown function will provide you with better protection (use a data plug with an output power of 5V/2A).

The desktop humidifier is small and lightweight, allowing you to take it wherever you go, ideal for your home, office, car, or travel. The portable humidifier improves the air quality and moisture content in the immediate vicinity while combating the harsh effects of dry air.


Product Specification:

  • Colour:
    • Black
    • White
    • Wood
  • Material: PP, ABS
  • Size: 201 x 127 x 81mm
  • Weight: 397g
  • Function: Humidifier
  • Tank Capacity: 200ml

Package Inclusions:

  • 1x Humidifier 
  • 1x USB Cable